Sustainable development

The company KRKONOSSKE OBALKY s.r.o. endorses principles of the sustainable development and takes care that it's further development is going to increase level of company's prosperity, while the environment is untouched and protected for the future generations. Our goal is not only to save it, but also gradually improve it.

The environment

As a paper converter, the company KRKONOSSKE OBALKY s.r.o. has an interest in considerate using of the nature resources = forests. The part of its production is made from recycled paper. The company is interested in supporting environmentally suitable, socially beneficial and economically viable way of forest management. In the end of 2009, it achieved "FSC® certificate", which guarantees, that the wood, used in converting of FSC-marked paper, comes from considerately managed forests.

To reduce the influence of its production on environment, the company adopted several measures to reduce fugitive emissions and by starting to use mainly water-based colors, emission levels has been reduced to approx. 50%, since 2008.

Ethics and social responsibility

The KRKONOSSKE OBALKY s.r.o. follows basic rules of business ethics, which is considered as a key to the success in a highly competitive business environment. It respects the equality of employees, job seekers, business partners and the public. Takes care about stuff development by the regular stuff training, takes care about improvement of the working environment, safety and protection of employee's health as well.

Local community

The company exists a long time and locally affects life in region. It realizes it's involvement for healthy development in its area and cooperates with some un-commercial, nonprofit companies. The company makes part of its business operations with companies, which employ more than 50% insured employees.


In our company, the quality control is main and common part of all activities in the entire process of purchase, production and sale. The quality of our products highly depends on the input-material quality. That's why we use a raw material of the highest quality from leading European producers. Except the quality of the material, we take care about environmental aspects of the technological processes and we choose those materials, whose processing is environment-friendly.

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