Customized envelopes

The atypical envelopes are those which design and size differ from the standard product. Their main use is promotional events and private correspondence – predominantly with pre-printed congratulations. Our sales department and sale representatives will inform you about the possibilities we offer.

Don't be afraid of originality! We can produce to you envelopes and pockets according to your needs and requirements. It depends on you, which paper will be used or what shape or flap sealing adhesive will your envelopes/pockets have. You can choose print of your envelope (inside or outside-print), perforation, window (none, one or more) of any shape you like. We can make from one to four-colored (CMYK) envelopes and pockets by yours artworks, eventually we can provide artworks from our DTP studio. We are able to print common prints (logo + text) in full-color (offset) our entire product range – envelope is printed on all four edges. Our production also includes envelopes and pockets made from printed sheets, which are ideal for promotional purposes. We can convert yours printed sheets or sheet from our side, which would be supplied by your requirements (after talking to our staff). Let excel your envelopes!

Material: We're able to make envelopes from any kind of paper, including embossed paper. The weight of paper is from 80 to 110g/m2 for envelope and 90 to 140 g/m2 for pockets.

The window can by shaped by your company's specifications. We're also experienced in printing text or pictures inside of envelope – under the window.

Atypical envelopes can be made in following designs:

  • Window

    - without a window
    - with one window
    - with multiple windows
    the window size and shape may vary according to customer needs.
  • Inside print

    - without inside print
    - sheet print or design pattern to prevent readability of inserted document
    - any other print e.g. advertising prints – manufactured from pre-printed sheets
    Inside print prevents readability of the inserted text material.
  • Envelope print

    - flexographic print during envelope production
    - offset print on finished envelope
    - envelope production from printed sheets
  • Perforation

    Envelope may be variously perforated.
  • Adhesive

    - gummed
    - self-seal
    - strip-seal
  • Seal flap with glue to seal the envelope

    1. straight: Suitable for all sealing types, usual length 25 – 40 mm. Gummed usable for automatic filling with some envelope line.
    2. diamond: Only gummed.
    3. teide 2000: Only gummed, primarily for automatic filling.
    4. EURO flap: Only gummed, primarily for automatic filling.
    5. trapeze: Only gummed, primarily for automatic filling.
    6. circular: Only gummed. For lengths 35-45mm suitable for automatic filling.
    Pockets are manufactured exclusively with flap/square flap.
  • Production paper

    - offset paper
    - recycled paper
    - various substances and color according to customer needs
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