Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the suitable formats for?

    Envelope C6 is suitable for A4 sheet folded in fourth.
    Envelope C5 is suitable for A4 sheet folded in half.
    Envelope DL is suitable for A4 sheet folded in third.
    Envelope C6/5 is suitable for A4 sheet folded in third.
    Envelope, pocket C4 is suitable for A4 non folded.
  2. What is the difference between the envelope and the pocket?

    Envelope has closing flap on the longer side, pocket on the shorter side.
  3. Are you producing the envelope in the square format?

    Yes, there are some basic square formats available on the stock.
  4. What kind of formats are you able to print?

    We are printing on the basic formats C6, C5, DL, C6/5, C4, B4.
  5. Are you able to print bleeding (to the edges)?

    Yes, but the graphic must be adjusted with the blank place 5-8 mm for the machine feeding.
  6. Are you able to print on front/back side or inside?

    Yes it is possible.
  7. Can I send my own envelopes to you for printing?

    Yes, but you have to calculate with technological waste abt. 10 %.
  8. Do you print small volume?

    Yes, on the digital printer from 100 PCs to 2000 PCs of the envelopes and to 1000 PCs of the pockets.
  9. What is the delivery time?

    It depends on the volume, type of printing and on the current situation in our production, the best is to ask us about it.
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